Joint Venture Partnership

Are you a real estate investor or wholesaler looking for a great Joint Venture Partnership?

We create Joint Ventures with trusted, driven investors to control, lease, and buy and hold real estate.

Joint Ventures are ideal for real investors who do not want to be fully involved in the real estate business or do not have the time to be hands-on in the business.

Joint Ventures are great for wholesalers who are looking to partner up on assignment or lease option deals. 

Joint Ventures are also for investors who have cash available that they want to invest and for investors who can contribute the down payment but can’t qualify for a mortgage. 

We can put together Joint Venture equity splits in a variety of ways, such as 50/50, 55/45, 60/40, or 70/30. Together we will structure the Joint Venture fairly and professionally.  

We make sure every detail is covered, that all paperwork is in place, and we work to ensure smooth transactions. 

For Buy and Hold

We are looking to form a Joint Venture Partnership with real estate investors who can contribute the down payments, or who can either fully or partially finance the properties and hold the mortgages.

We will find the perfect properties, and we will manage and maintain them excellently, and most importantly, we will make the property cashflow.  

Together, we’ll discuss in depth everything from the ownership, the vision, finding the investment property or opportunities, the holding of the mortgage, and management of the properties.

Can you qualify for a mortgage and offer a down payment? We will do all the hard work, including managing the property. We have years of experience in the real estate business and in property management. 

For Assignments or Lease Options

For any wholesaler or investor looking to partner up on assignment or lease option deals, we’ll be more than happy to be your partner on the deals. We can assist in many ways, from finding properties, getting them under contract, to the selling, and disposal of the properties. We can help take care of all the paperwork, marketing, finding buyers or sellers, negotiation, management, etc. Anything you need help with regarding your real estate deals, we can help you. 


We would love to partner with you. Contact us today with your properties and proposal and to share your vision with us.  We look forward to an amazing Joint Venture partnership. 



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